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Our World Trade Center of Barranquilla, Colombia, is to create a dynamic and inclusive hub that serves as a catalyst for positive change across multiple dimensions:

1. Collaboration Hub: The center’s primary objective is to facilitate collaboration and synergy among diverse stakeholders, including businesses, government agencies, NGOs, and educational institutions. By fostering partnerships, it aims to drive economic growth, enhance educational opportunities, and improve infrastructure in the region.

2. Sustainability Focus: Sustainability is at the core of the center’s mission. It actively engages in efforts to combat climate change by promoting sustainable practices and reducing carbon emissions. Through its initiatives and educational programs, it seeks to raise awareness about environmental issues and inspire individuals and organizations to adopt eco-friendly solutions.

3. Education and Outreach: The center is committed to providing accessible educational resources and programs, especially to underserved communities. It empowers individuals with knowledge on environmental conservation, carbon footprint reduction, and recycling, fostering a sense of responsibility for preserving the planet.

4. Global Connectivity: Beyond its local impact, the center aspires to be a global player, connecting Barranquilla, Colombia, with Latin America, EMEA, APAC, and the Americas. This ambition involves forging international partnerships, trade relationships, and collaborations, ultimately contributing to economic growth and strengthening global ties.

In summary, the World Trade Center of Barranquilla is an ambitious institution with a holistic vision that not only promotes economic development but also addresses pressing global issues. It aims to be a beacon of sustainability, education, and collaboration, both regionally and on the world stage, to create a better future for all.

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